Sunday, May 27, 2012

God's little blessings

While I would love to blog more, it takes time and requires me to put all the thoughts going on in my head down on paper. But I will do my best!

Story #1: The man in the airport.
While I was very bummed to be traveling such a horrible flight schedule (Springfield to Dallas to LA to Tai Pae to Bangkok, 7 hr layover in Bangkok, and then finally a short flight to Chiang Mai) all by myself (not really, but I would have definitely have rather had some company), I don't think I was put on these flights by mistake. Maybe this was God, maybe not, but I noticed this guy back in LA, one of the fewer white people actually going to Taiwan. Well about 15 minutes before we boarded to go to Bangkok, I pulled out a book called Humility by Andrew Murray. Then, I hear a voice say, "Andrew Murray huh? He's a great author". So I looked up and the same guy was sitting across from me, and was also going to be on my flight to Bangkok. Long story short, his name was Bryan and he was also headed to Chiang Mai. At first he just told me that he had a non-profit business in Chiang Mai to mentor young men. Then, as continued talking, and spent a great amount of time together since we had the 3 flight and the long layover in Bangkok together, we had some amazing 'God talk'. I was able to get him in contact with some missionary friends of mine and he ended up knowing some people from Evangel. Its a small world when you're an ambassador for Christ! You just never know when God is going to bring people into your life to bless you, even if it was just for a couple hours, talking with Bryan was very encouraging and challenged me to be bold when sharing what Jesus has done in my life.

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