Thursday, May 31, 2012

Aren't we all constantly searching to be loved?

Are you still searching for love? Aren't we all! Everyone, everyday, is searching for love and attention. While we may stereotype girls yearning for that, in all reality everyone has this desire in their heart to be loved. Loved by many. Shown attention by someone who truly cares about them. Someone to notice when they have done well and someone to support them when they have failed. Genuine love! No judgement.

Well, even though we have all been told this, as I study God's Word - HE IS CLEARLY THE BEST LOVER OF ALL! The search is over. Even if you have lots of friends or a significant other, you are still always wanting more. The reason for this is:
God has created us with the hope that we will live in holiness and be a lover of Christ above all things. And, because we are sinful creatures, until we come to that place - there is an emptiness inside of us that can only be filled by Him. Yet, every single time I come to Him - that void is filled. While I wish I could learn my lesson, I will always fail. However, because I fail and I cannot save myself, it gives me and desire for Him more. He is the only one who can help us out. And the best part is, His plan for us is incredible - better than we could ever imagine (Jer 29:11). While many people quote this verse, they forget that in order to see this plan revealed, we must be obedient to Him!

So, again, stop searching. God is the only one who can satisfy that desire to be loved in full.

1 John 4:16-5:5 (my thoughts and paraphrased)
We must rely on the love that only God can offer us. Why? Because God is love! [He created love.] Therefore, love is made complete in us when we realize that we can only come to the Father through His Son Jesus Christ. Since we know we are helpless on our own, but that God has chosen to save us. Fear has to do with punishment. Therefore, there is absolutely nothing to fear if we are in Christ. Because the Creator of Love is with us and overpowers/drives out all fear. We can love only because He loved us first and chose to send His only Son to save us from our sin. We continually turn our backs on Him and disobey Him, yet He still loves us. So, how can we not love the people around us? *This is love for God: to obey His commands.* While that may seem hard to some, He has given us these commands with Jer 29:11 in mind. He wants only the best for us, even things we could not imagine; therefore He has lid out some guidelines to get there. But instead of looking at these guidelines as the key/path to life more abundantly, we see them as restrictions. But don't look at them as burdensome, for God loves us more than anyone.

So, stop looking for someone to fill that void in your heart to be loved. Because God is the one who created it and He is the only one who can fill it.

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