Sunday, June 10, 2012

God is so good!

There were so many amazing things that happened this week, I cannot begin to explain all of them. I was going to write this on my blog, but one of the things I want to share with you involves a few of my friends here that might read my blog. So, here are a few things that I would love you to pray about.

-I wish I could say more but a girl who we've grown really close to came to church for the first time this Sunday. Please pray for her - I know God is working in her life and I could see the need for something more in her eyes on Sunday.

-I am somewhat scared to share my faith as many people are. And just because I have been on a few mission trips does not mean I am a pro. So please pray that God will give me the words to say and when to say them, as well as who to say them to. I always pray for opportunities to talk about my testimony of God’s grace, but it is not always easy when those times arise.

-However, I was teaching one-on-one with a student recently and was able to talk about my favorite book. So, I got up the courage to talk about the Bible and that opened the door to more conversation about God. Please pray for her. I don’t know if she understood, because she does not speak very good English, but pray for more opportunities and also that every time God will speak to her and help her to understand the meaning of His love. Every Wednesday, the missionary has a discussion group about Christianity and it focuses on a certain topic such as prayer. I am talking to her about going this Wednesday, so pray that she will have the desire to go!

-I have established a really good relationship with a girl who lives close to me. She doesn't go to church or the English center but we met near my hotel. I pray that I can continue to hang out with her, and build a good relationship with her. I pray that the there will be a moment that I can invite her to church or share the love of God with her. Like many Thai people I meet, she is the sweetest thing. She is so precious and deserves to hear the Good News. They are searching for something, and I pray that one day they will all turn to God for fulfill that emptiness. She is going through a hard time right now, so I know she is really sad and lonely. I pray that myself, but mostly God, can be there to comfort her.

-And a prayer request for me. God has opened up a huge door for me to come back to Thailand in December. I would be on a MAPS assignment to Bangkok, in charge of a group of APSAI Students (APSAI is the program that I went to Bangkok with last year for a semester of my college to teach English, while still continuing my studies). I would be able to study Thai language again, continue to build on the relationships I made in Bangkok the first time, as well as new relationships with local Thai people and churches, and have the opportunity to lead a group of college students in devotionals and their spiritual walk. I would love this job! I pray that I can go. The timing is as perfect as ever, since I will have just gotten done with my student teaching and cannot get a teaching job until the next fall. HOWEVER, the trick is that at some point I need to get a paying job and start to save money as well as pay off my student loans…

While most people might say, ‘oh your young, travel and do missions when you’re young and aren’t tied down’, it scares me. I want to be financially responsible and get a job – but more than that I want to be obedient to God. So, I know if he wants me in Bangkok, He will provide everything, both finances for the MAPS assignment as well as to pay off student loans. I don’t know how or where it will come from, but I know He will work miracles. He always does. But that does not ease my nerves! So please pray that I will be obedient to whatever he calls me to do, and that he will miraculously provide money for me if I am supposed to go. Let the money come in quickly so I can focus on the trip and the spiritual aspect of it rather than worrying about the finances.

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